December 12, 2010

Tracfone Promo Codes: 100 Bonus Minutes for 60 Minute Card

Tracfone Promo Codes:

Get 100 bonus minutes on your Tracfone when you use the promo code below and redeem a 60 minute Tracfone Airtime Card online.  If your Tracfone has double minutes for life you will also get double minutes so you would end up with 60 from the card plus the double 60 and the 100 bonus minutes for a grand total of 220 minutes all for just a 60 minute prepaid Tracfone airtime card and a promo code.

 The only catch with this Tracphone Promotional Code is that you have to do it through their website.  But all they need is your phone number and don't ask for any additional info.  So if you are all about privacy with your prepaid cell phone then you will still retain that.

* Go to  the Tracfone site:
* Click on the green button that says Activate
* Click on Add Airtime
* Add Airtime Online (Must do online to work!)
* Put Your Airtime PIN Number, Telephone
   Number In
* Use Tracfone Promo Code:  65091 
* Enjoy all the free minutes

Expiration date is Unknown. Still works as of December 19, 2010!
Sorry this code expired on New Years Eve.

This promo code will work on the 60 minute airtime cards, but it will also work for the 120 and 200 minute airtime refill cards for Tracfone.

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