February 18, 2011

Free Cell Phone - SafeLink Tracfone Free 140 Bonus Minutes

Free Government Cell Phones - SafeLink Tracfone Customers Only

There is a Tracfone Promo Code out for the Government SafeLink Tracfone Cell Phone users.

Safelink Tracfone customers: get 200 minutes when you buy a 60 minute airtime purchase.   Add 60 minutes  of airtime to your Safelink and use Tracfone Promo Code: 86508 to get an additional 140 bonus minutes (total of 200 minutes).

*NOTE:  This only works on Safelink Tracfones.


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    1. http://www.prizerebel.com/index.php?r=2875266

  2. Its asking for a pin.... what is it?!

  3. Will this work if u type in the 555 code & then type in this promo code??